Hello! I’m a 3D Artist and an Animator addicted to challenging myself. I do love executing projects from the first idea up to the final result.

My creative passion led me to starting out in the photography industry, until I dove into 3D graphics and character animation. My photographic eye have brought to me key abilities to understand composition, colour, lighting and visual storytelling, after a whole decade looking through the lens. On the other hand, thanks to the organization and management skills acquired working as a freelance 3D Artist, I was able to tackle a wide range of projects such as animated short films and music videos, technical infographics, advertising or environment creation.

While trying not to spend too much time on the Internet, I’m really involved in sustainability, healthy cooking and discovering different people, learning from others and always getting further into human relationships. I write about these and other topics in Giingo, since 2002, being one of the still active oldest personal blogs in Spain.

I’ve been living in cities such as Barcelona and Murcia, and I’m currently living in the beautiful city of Málaga.

Fran Alburquerque